Supplying material for the Hamilton Model 21 Marine Chronometer, Model 22 Deck Watch and Military 16 size watches Model 23, 2974B, 3992B, 4992B, as well as some 950B and 992B material.

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We are the largest supply house for Hamilton Marine and Military material. The majority of our material is from the original Hamilton Watch Company inventory which was purchased in 1980 when Hamilton ceased production.

To My Hamilton Customers

After 16 plus years of supplying Hamilton material to my customers, my friend and colleague, Paul Krichten, is taking over sale of the movement parts for these fine chronometers and military watches. I will continue to supply complete Hamilton movements when available, parts and accessories for the chronometer and deck watch boxes, and material such as brass bowls, crystals, straps etc. for them. I will maintain an inventory of new and used Chelsea, Seth Thomas, and other makers of quality Ship's Clocks. I will buy, sell or trade chronometers, deck watches, marine clocks, broken movements, and parts for same. Additionally, I will post pictures and details of timepieces and other items for sale. Thank you for your support during these past years.

Larry Crutsinger
P.O. Box 8514
Norfolk, VA 23503

Hamilton Marine and Military Parts

I am Paul Krichten, and welcome to the new hamiltonparts.com website. While Larry Crutsinger will continue to deal with complete Hamilton movements, other Ship's Clocks, and associated box materials, I will be supplying movement parts for the Hamilton models listed above. Additionally, I am a trained watchmaker, and will be offering service, repair, and restoration of the same noted Hamilton models.

Paul Krichten
P.O. Box 121
Finksburg, MD 21048

Hamilton Model 21 Box Parts

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Hamilton Model 22 Box Parts

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Marine and Military Parts